Is this one about the Trees? Final painting ready for art opening Friday!

I’m excited for the opening reception this Friday, November 4th where I’ll be featured artist at Osmosis Gallery in Niwot, CO (Boulder area). I’ll have ten paintings for the show called “City Dreams.” If you have followed my work, you may have seen the 2011 calendar of the same name. Guess what? The 2012 calendar is out now! At this time last year I was working ’round the clock to finish the 12 new paintings. Ridiculous schedule, but got it done.

But let’s go back and talk trees. This painting would be nothing without the trees, and I love that I got to paint blue leaves.

I so enjoy painting cities and their intimate places in a big scene. See the wrought iron lamp attached to the building? When I was a college student visiting Europe with my buddy Terry, I fell in love with iron work in Spain. Something about the black, curving shapes…

Hope to see you all locals on First Friday at Osmosis! Owner and friend Anne Olson has created an amazing gallery space within her architect offices. She’s set the standard for the dual purpose office/gallery place, you must see it!

After Anne’s art gallery show we will be stopping by  Treppeda’s Italian Restaurant a few steps away for dinner or a snack. Howard makes the best pizza ever! Howard hosted our daughter Annie’s rehearsal dinner for her wedding this summer. I feel so blessed to have a wonderful hometown that loves art.

Here I’m posting the full painting if you want to answer the question, “is the painting about the trees?”, which is the recent blog theme. What do you think?

P.S. If you bought this painting for your home/space lighting is something to think about. I would light it with a soft warm light, definitely shown and centered on the painting itself. Makes all the difference. Thanks to Anne at Osmosis, who does such a great job of lighting the artworks.

Heart of Town, acrylic, by Karen Gillis Taylor, 40 x 30"


3 Responses to “Is this one about the Trees? Final painting ready for art opening Friday!”

  1. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    I see my attic studio in this picture!!


  2. karen Says:

    Which window? I have one in mind for my studio, we might have to share the studio space! haha


  3. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    I am coming!!!


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