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What is your source of inspiration? Golden Ponds Painting… comin’ up!

November 29, 2011

Those of us who make art seem to be on a continual search for anything that will fuel the creative spirit. It’s a quest for the unusual, something unique that shocks our daily view from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Photography has always been a big part of my creative process. I take photos mostly for source material, and my cell phone camera was on hand one early Saturday morning when my artist buddy and sister Leslie Clark and I were walking Golden Ponds.

Photo 1 shows the importance of scale and it’s impact. Giant, dramatically dark trees with the tiny figure in red below sets up an interesting composition. Blue skies above add color interest, and the tree shadows in the foreground give a pattern that draws me in, magically.

Photo 2 emphasizes the figure’s importance as the focal point, and now we get to see the white tree trunks and their pattern to the right. All of these things a painter notes. They can be played up! I would also emphasize the path going way back, still having lots of light patches. Good source material!

Photo 3 is a different crop to horizontal. Now we still see the inevitable red shirt of the figure as the focal point, but our eye is drawn sideways now to the right and the light foreground elements of trees and grass. And yet there is that blue patch of sky in the background above the path. What do we do with that, the painter says? And those bright yellow tree branches right below? Hmmm, all so intriguing…

Can you see a little into how photos get my thoughts in motion to start a painting? I’ve learned to take away these ideas and yet not try to slavishly duplicate them in paint, but remember to take off with my own interpretation. Change it up! Have some fun and paint the unexpected, I say to myself.

Next will be color ideas.

Oh, if you like one of these photo ideas best, please comment! Thanks…


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