Captivated by Trees: Critiques and Expression in Painting

Cropped image from Dog Walk 2, KG Taylor

Looking through trees is a favorite viewpoint for me. It provides depth perception in a simple way. I’m beginning to see that painting this view helps me to feel like I am much more a part of this scene, as an observer closer to what I’m painting. The expression comes in the brushwork. Brushwork helps the painter put the stamp of their own personality on a piece.

Drawing of trees by Henri Matisse

Matisse is a favorite of mine. This simple sketch shows his personality with every mark, almost in a calligraphic way. The staccato effect of the marks produce rhythm. We catch an inviting perspective within its fresh simplicity.

Moonlight Garden, cropped section, acrylic, KG Taylor

This painting is nearly finished. I’m trying to vary my brushwork for greater interest. Acrylics dry quickly, so useful for my layering process!

Monet’s trees are soft and dreamy in this image. His brushwork seems deceivingly simply, but my own experience with painting the impressionist technique of individual daubs has shown me otherwise! Lovely, isn’t it?


One Response to “Captivated by Trees: Critiques and Expression in Painting”

  1. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    LOVe love the moonlight garden picture. Its really coming along. I just love all your colors!!! I want to climb INTO that painting and live.


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