How Do You Paint a Tree? More thoughts on self painting critiques…

Morning Trees, oil, Karen Gillis Taylor, 2006. Click for larger view.

In my recent post I got the idea that one way to critique your own work would be to zero in on sections of paintings and start to compare. So I’m looking at how I paint trees, and why not look at some fave artists trees as well?

I sold this painting on opening night at my little art gallery (my two-year experiment in the gallery business) to a sweet lady who scooped it up right away. I like the energy. I heard painter Scott Burdick say, if you get the values right, you can use any color. Yes! blessings on the purples and pinks in this painting which came from imagination.

Don’t you love Van Gogh’s expressive wild and curvy strokes that give these trees such life? It’s like they are singing to the sky!

I’m starting to evaluate this piece of a painting I made about the same time as Morning Trees. I love to ski, and it looks like Keystone Colorado to me. This piece is more whimsical and from imagination. Not so realistic but it evokes a memory or two. I know Chagall worked from memory. I relate to him.

So I just have to ask, if a tree is a “motif”, a recurring theme in your favorite paintings, what will your trees look like?


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4 Responses to “How Do You Paint a Tree? More thoughts on self painting critiques…”

  1. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    I LOVE your trees!! The top one just glows!!! You are so good!!!!


  2. Libby Rudolf Says:

    beautiful colors – I love to paint trees too – from life or memory


  3. Sarah Schultz Says:

    Yes , Van Gogh and Chagell ! That is why I love your work.
    You have the ability to imagine and put on paper your thoughts.
    Keep up the good work.


  4. Kearna Says:

    I think it’s good to paint both from life and also memory/imagination. Early in art school or self study, you get the foundation from life drawing. Still, I always veered toward imagined drawings and paintings.


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