Back to Painting 2: Painting at Night

The painting began with the pink tinted base and lines

This was the base painting in thin acrylic layers.

I began to add layers of color, mostly concerned with getting the dark values established.

This last photo shows how I decided to get some more intense reds in the base painting before going on to new layers.

These photos were taken at night with my IPhone camera. That’s because I’ve been painting in the evenings after work. Hopefully my next photos will be daytime shots, working on the upcoming weekends to finish in daylight. I often begin paintings at night when color and value sketches can be rough as you see here. Later it’s important to work in daylight to get color right. We do what we have to do with busy schedules. Looking forward to this weekend’s painting!

One Response to “Back to Painting 2: Painting at Night”

  1. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    I love seeing the progress, the depth is growing, the color is intensifying, the contrast …. fun!!!! I wanna walk down that street!


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