Searching for a summer color palette for painting and quilting arts

Fresh from our garden! July 2011

I am on a mission to inspire painters and quilters to become confident in understanding how to build a color palette. Inspiration of the week… ask a friend for flowers from their garden. Get your favorite piece of light colored fabric which has colors you enjoy. Lay it down on a flat surface and arrange your pal’s cut flowers upon it, and take a photograph.

This year I’m cultivating again, so happy! These are the colors from cuttings of lavender flowers from our garden, now in bloom. The background fabric had a fair amount of yellow tint. Purple and yellow are complementary colors. I have searched  long and hard for the person who invented the term, “complementary colors.” I am not looking for the usual definitions in color theory land, color wheel opposite positions, etc.

I think purple and yellow complement each other. So I’m going with that. Forget the color wheel for just a day or so. Just enjoy these together, they were meant to be.


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One Response to “Searching for a summer color palette for painting and quilting arts”

  1. sarah schultz Says:

    I love purple (grapes)and green leaves. And combinations of their shades. This idea is so great ! Thanks.


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