Abstract painting ideas…

Abstract landscape idea

When I get an idea for a new painting that seems abstract, I almost always see something in it that suggests to me a real scene or object. It’s usually a landscape or cityscape. Yes, I’m seeing something here in my mind’s eye.

I’m seeing rocks, trees, beams of light shining on a field, and a creek winding through a canyon.

Not expecting anyone out there to see it. When I paint it, it will probably all change anyway, into something else!


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4 Responses to “Abstract painting ideas…”

  1. Doreen Flanagan Says:

    I love your example Karen. I work in a similar way with abstracts, I see something which acts as a springboard and the finished result is never like it. We are fortunate people to have the imagination to be able to do this. I have an artist friend whi loves my abstracts and tries to do one but it veers back to something traditional. She is so good at what she does anyway and she is 89. With love and blessings from Doreen


  2. Marie Moore Says:

    Wow! I think this is my favorite color pallet yet! I really enjoy your posts. Thanks for sharing.


  3. sarah schultz Says:

    I can hardly wait to see the painting!
    Your work is so exciting.


  4. karen Says:

    I do think most paintings (for me) start as an abstract of shapes (or drawings of shapes) moving toward more refined details. Yes, it’s a beginning to inspire what will grow into something which the painting is meant to be in the end.

    We would do well to be open for a new experience, even if we have our own “tried and true” methods.


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