Vail Alpine Gardens Painting Time Oh So Sweet

This painting I made from a summer sketch is looking a little fall in colors because of the yellow aspen, but here it is, Spring time in the Rockies, and I’m having a HUGE Vail attack to get up there and see the Alpine Gardens. They welcome painters, so I’ve often taken advantage of that, and hope to go again soon this summer. Here’s some gorgeous photos of the alpine plants that grow well only at high, and I mean VERY high altitude. What a world God has made. happy sigh 🙂

One sweet memory was when Rob and I were up in Vail for a Betty Ford Alpine Gardens fundraiser event, and got to meet the Fords. President Ford and Rob found out they both had Nebraska roots and liked golf, so there was the connection and smiles.

Oops, better put on the link so you can check out the alpine gardens:

Interesting note:

I had college buddies living in Vail, so that was partly why I began my connection for skiing back in the early days. My dad also had summer conferences there for his Stearns-Roger mining company where he worked as an engineer. Lots of reasons to feel like Vail is homey. Gosh, where else would you visit with your parents when you were 19 and meet all their conference associates? Guess what, I didn’t care, it was all about Vail for me. Besides, dad’s work buddies were all pretty cool, so that was okay.

I bought a book about wildflowers that summer. I still have it. I was a history major at the time, with a liking for doodling a little in art. Little did I know that I would travel to Europe and see all the amazing art there, come back and enroll in art classes, etc. etc. Finished the history degree, but art became my life work. Growing things like plants, flowers and trees are a big motif in what I find inspiring in art work.


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