A Sunflower Painting is Joy Personified

I started painting red sunflowers a few years ago in winter and found it overcame the doldrums of the cold season. From then on I have the urge to make garden paintings every January.

There is something rare about sunflowers, and Van Gogh chose his motif well. They are free spirits in the flower world. We have hundreds of wild ones growing nearby every summer. They grow from about a foot high to ones we’ve had reaching up to the second story. They have personality, but I’m still not quite sure why, though it has something to do with their beautiful centers which look like you could enter through a portal and find another world beyond.

One thing I know for sure, I have not yet painted my last sunflower painting.


3 Responses to “A Sunflower Painting is Joy Personified”

  1. Leslie Clark Says:

    oooh! is this a new one? it is so beautiful! Your sunflowers make ME happy too!


  2. Debby Weitzel Says:

    I will NEVER get tired of these flowers….I’m blessed with one of your sunflower paintings….and always want more.



    • karen Says:

      That’s good to know as I’m yearning to do garden paintings soon. It all goes back and forth and we seem to return to the ideas that still reside within.


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