Blue Mountain, Yellow Sky = Freedom

Louis Lamour and James Michener both wrote about Colorado’s blue mountain effect. Katherine Lee Bates, who wrote America the Beautiful, commented on the purple mountains. Having painted the creek that runs through Vail Colorado, I later wondered if people in other parts of the world would find the color in this scene unusual.

Not only do yellow skies exist, one painter I know commented that he once painted a green sky totally from observation. Truth be told, the wonderful thing about skies is that if a color is found in nature, at one time or another it will be found in a sky.

Is this a lesson in freedom? I think it is! See the world in colors you haven’t seen lately. Add your own colors and the scene becomes your own expression. There may be nothing new under the sun, but no one has painted the painting quite like the next one you will paint. This is an exciting thought.

Have you used color in an unusual way in your life? Bravo!


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3 Responses to “Blue Mountain, Yellow Sky = Freedom”

  1. Sharyn Says:

    Your sister Leslie sent me this post and oh my goodness, I enjoyed it so much! You have made me think in a different direction. I never would have thought of yellow for a sky but you are so right, I’ve seen it myself: skies come in literally every color of the rainbow. Three cheers for a wonderful post, Karen!


  2. Doreen Flanagan Says:

    Hi Karen, I love your yellow sky and have painted a few myself. Not so sure about a green sky. The colours you have used blend beautifully and no one colour is standing out from the rest. Not easy to do. Thanks for keeping us involved with all that you are doing. Regards


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