Mountain House Painting 1: Find your Sanctuary

I’m a working artist with a full time day job again at McCall’s Quilting Magazines, painting and creating art at night and on weekends. So yes, two jobs. This painting represents my much needed escape world. Lucky for me the day job surrounds me with color, design and art talk now and then.

I have grown up loving the mountains and sometimes yearn to move our home about ten miles west to be able to walk up a hill and smell the pines. That is sanctuary for me, and this painting represents the next best thing, living in my picture as I paint.

This painting measures 6” x 12” and is the smallest acrylic painting I have done. My biggest ones in this ShimmerTown series measure 48” x 48”. This was painted on an Ampersand wood panel with a wonderful canvas texture. Sides are ½” thick.

Refuge, safe haven and holy place are the dictionary definitions of “sanctuary.” I encourage everyone to search for this place in his or her life, and it does involve action on one’s part. Paint a picture, create music, a poem, a quilt, a dance or run a race. Walk. It doesn’t matter as long as it is something that you like to do and find it gives you release, a smile and an idea to do it again in a new way. It’s just for you, and it does feed your soul, which is always in need of the good dose from your dear, loving self.


2 Responses to “Mountain House Painting 1: Find your Sanctuary”

  1. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    Once again, you have painted a place I want to live in.


  2. karen Says:

    I pretty much want to live in every one I paint! Gypsy soul, traveler? Loving pretty places? Grew up in Colorful Colorado?
    Why do people paint what they paint? What is the driving force?
    Lots of questions…. someone have an answer please.


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