A Wonderful Artist

Charles Sovek was something of a hero to me. I had finally signed up for his workshop to be held in Massachusetts when he unexpectedly passed away. I know I missed something very special to have met him and watch him paint.

He was the master of small paintings, done very quickly. His work looks effortless and fresh. His colors are both pure and subtly mixed in harmonious tones as one who does this intuitively after a lifetime of working with his medium.

One thing I am taking away from the appreciation of his work is the idea of creating more small pieces instead of fewer larger ones. This applies to art quilt pieces as well.

We are very blessed that Charles Sovek’s website lives on. Please check it out.


2 Responses to “A Wonderful Artist”

  1. Doreen Flanagan Says:

    Hi Karen. You keep expanding my world. I was never good with small paintings, but they can be useful. My doctor asked me for some small paintings for the Practise, but I only had 3 suitable ones, which they have on loan. Did not sell even one, but now , with alterations , he showed me a bigger wall and wanted a painting of mine on it. I took one down this week which is an abstract, but it gives me some good advertising. So the smaller paintings have been good for me and I will pay more attention now, as I love the one you have illustrated. Thank you so much.


    • karen Says:

      Hi Doreen,
      Congratulations on your showing at the doctor’s office!
      My approach is to get the work out there, big or small. Try to get feedback too as to what the viewers are saying. You are already a step ahead to be showing in public places. The sales will come if you are showing your best work that you feel good about.
      Funny thing for me, all my paintings seem to take about the same amount of time to finish, no matter the size.


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