Mid-week Matisse

Taking a break from quilt projects and cityscape paintings to think about one of my favorite painters, Henri Matisse. According to a book called Matisse, His Art and His Textiles, Matisse had textiles in his family history and his blood. (Looking at his paintings, I see it. Love of shapes, great sense of harmony, comfortable with use of flat color, etc. Raoul Dufy is another favorite artist of mine who loved textile arts.)

Here you see a Matisse still life and my own study of the master. I made my painting when doing a study on pears, and created a few paintings of pears in different styles or inspired by the work of various artists I admired. Holy Cow, this was illuminating!  After doing several, I only painted four I thought were decent, which you can see here:


Left: Raoul Dufy painting

I’d recommend to any student of painting to try creating a piece “in the style” of one of your favorite painters. Sadly, my attempt at a Dufy inspired work was not good. When someone says, “my five year old could paint like that” you have my permission to throw  a squishy tomato in his face. The masters are understated and even maybe rarely understood by a portion of the tomato eating public, at least the ones who just don’t get it when it comes to the challenges of painting. But here’s to the earnest painters willing to take on the challenge!


One Response to “Mid-week Matisse”

  1. karen Says:

    Hi Joanna,
    Perhaps I need to clarify here, as the pear is my painting and the second one shown is the Matisse still life, the third is the Dufy. Sorry for the mix up!
    Did you know Dufy and Matisse both loved and worked with textile art?


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