Winter Bliss #2

It’s January 31 and seems like everyone on Facebook is lamenting Winter and the blues (or whites-outs!) in our lives. (Including me…)

Let’s face it, the absence of color in our environment might be what’s bugging us worse than the cold and damp. It’s true for me, anyway. (I like winter, actually! The snowy/sunny kind, not the rainy version.)

This painting brings back some memories of a family vacation in Mexico or La Jolla. But it’s also more of a dreamy place to visit in my imagination. What is it about those palm trees that are magical to someone like me who grew up with pine trees? And that vast blue ocean… like the Muppets say… the Big Blue Wet Thing…

Yes, if I’m going to go knee deep in Winter’s imaginary places, I will go with the Muppets to look for buried treasure, along with the Pirates of the Caribbean and Agent 007 to the Bahamas. But the other destinations will be where my favorite painters have gone… like Bonnard’s Southern France destinations. Same palm trees, rich colors that mesmerize me.  That is where I really go… the painter’s paradise.

Oh, yes, and since I have another paradise much closer in Winter… Santa Fe is perfect, and a lot of sun and sky! So who’s complaining? Not me, I’m just dreaming…


One Response to “Winter Bliss #2”

  1. Leslie Clark Says:

    Love the beautiful picture! It is warm and inviting for sure. It draws me in to see what is just past that road.

    I hate to tell you this, but even Santa Fe is in for snow! hahaha!
    So, close the curtains, turn up the heat, put on your swim suit and watch Gidget Goes Hawaiian! :0)


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