Be Creative When You Are Sad

I’m so glad I learned early on that we can cope with our life’s tragedies by doing our art, no matter how simple, complex or even “down and dirty,” with whatever the spirit moves you. Just find an artistic expression for that one day, and do it. And relax.
Then do it again the next day, a little different or more involved. Add to that the day following. One day at a time, and you will feel better, because you are realizing that God made you a creative individual, and you feel best when you are doing what you are meant to do. It will help you get on through the hard times. It helped me, and still helps today.


3 Responses to “Be Creative When You Are Sad”

  1. Leslie Clark Says:

    That was beautiful and oh so true. Love you sis!!


  2. Joannaolson Says:

    Hi Leslie
    I don’t know what prompted you to write that, but my mother passed away on the
    23rd of January and nothing can prepare you for that kind of loss even when you know it’s inevitable. Your words echo some of the responses I received when I posted about her passing on my blog. We are really fortunate to have this creative outlet to help us heal. I would wish that for everyone. I have bookmarked your blog (I enjoy your work both in painting and quilting).
    Thanks, Joanna


    • karen Says:

      Hi Joanna,
      I’m Karen, (writer of this blog.) Leslie is actually my sister. Our mom passed away in January two years ago. I am sorry for your very recent loss. You are right, there is no preparing for the loss of our loved ones, but we can work through it.
      I wrote about the importance of creative work whenever we are going through a hard time. More than just a simple distraction, I believe it goes deeper somehow.
      Thank you for your nice comments.


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