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Winter Bliss Color Palette

January 28, 2011

Winter Bliss

Some say I’m known for loving bold colors, but this painting represents a favorite seasonal, more subdued color palette for me: Winter. If you could plant me in the mountains for 3 months of the year, I’d be content and always looking for that sky we call alpenglow. Guess I’m a bit of a naturalist, loving all that happens in the outdoors. So forget for a minute about the perfect snow, if you are up there to ski in the West, and remember to look at the other things like the natural terrain, the trees, the wind and clouds, and imagine the days when humans first discovered this beautiful land we call the Rocky Mountains.

As someone who loves color and paint, here’s a palette that captures both the subtle and a few golden accents that make winter a bit warmer, just enough to be happy there are great places to duck into after a cold but invigorating day in the great outdoors. This is my true bliss!


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