Quilts and Paintings

"Town Quilt Block" by Karen Gillis Taylor

Two creative fields and both are all about COLOR! See if you happen to notice the similarities in the two compositions. Not intentional on my part, but the warm sky is a theme here, and I am still wondering if it is morning or evening….

"Dog Walk 2", acrylic, by Karen Gillis Taylor 2010


4 Responses to “Quilts and Paintings”

  1. virginia wieringa Says:

    This is a wonderful and informative blog. I appreciate your disciplined approach to color and value. You’re an inspiration.


    • karen Says:

      Hi Virginia,
      Thank you for your comments. Sometimes I don’t feel very disciplined, but “driven” is maybe a word! As in, gotta keep doing this! If it is planted in us, we make it grow, right?


  2. paulineperry65 Says:

    I am enjoying the Town Quilt Block but I am not sure if it is a quilt or a drawing/painting? At 5″ it is pretty intricate to be a quilt but I have to ask. Regardless, it is gorgeous.
    perry94022 at hotmail dot com


    • Karen Says:

      Hi Pauline, sorry for the delay on answering your comment, and yes, Town Quilt Block is fabric piecing. I should have captioned it with the size, which is about 24 inches wide, not 5″, which is the photo of it. Thanks for your nice comments!


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