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Sizzling Color from the Aussies

June 19, 2010

The Modern Quilt Guild is a world wide organization which grew on the Internet. Quilters are choosing fresh color palettes and fabrics with bold, simple shapes and fun feeling. While brousing the international chapters I came across a fun palette created by Samelia’s Mum and shown on the Aussie site:

It’s definitely summer here in the USA! I just shipped off one of my prints, “Pear in the City” to a patron in Victoria, Australia, which has a similar color scheme. Orange and aqua are the hottest of complementary color pairs, and are tempered in a palette by neutrals like black, gray and olive. Yellow is the joyful accent and a touch of pink.

Try this for your summer palette! It may not be summer in Australia now, but its Hot Hot Hot!

Quilt by Samelia's Mum, Sydney, Australia, Modern Quilt Guild member


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