Amish Color

When we chose the colors for our “Corner Coffee Bar” in Longmont, CO, we decided to keep things simple right down to what the baristas would wear. All the walls and tiles are solid colors, and the staff wears solid colored shirts under a black apron. The solids are far from drab, though. There’s still room for expression with this palette.
The clothing of the Amish is also simple, without patterns or plaids, but the palette is joyfully varied. Black and white complete their choices. In our “English” culture so full of patterns and commercial logos adorning our fashions, I get some solace and peace in the simplicity of solid colored cloth. This is not a curse when creating a quilt or a coffee shop. It’s merely a design choice that still allows freedom within limits. (Amish palette, above. Below: an Amish quilt design and our coffee shop colors.)


2 Responses to “Amish Color”

  1. Leslie Clark Says:

    Very beautiful! The possibilites are endless!


  2. Jennifer Contini Enderby Says:

    This looks perfect Karen! Your artwork>>> I LOVE!


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