Enchanted Color

There is really nothing like a September evening in New Mexico when the setting sun creates an even more beautiful light on the golden, wild chamisa. I discovered the “Land of Enchantment” (as New Mexicans call their state) one September right after graduating from art school. I moved there a month later, as many other painters had done before me. (Well, maybe not all of them moved quite that quickly…)

A simple photograph allows a painter to analyze, pull out a color set, and with the aid of Photoshop, create a memorable palette. Had I been painting en plein air at this locale, I would have only had twenty minutes or so to splash down a quick study before the light changed everything. Saving this palette could be very useful should I return to paint the scene, especially if I premix the palette. I still might only have twenty minutes, but at least the colors would be ready to go!

This palette is beautifully toned. The values are full range from near white to near black. Nature made it, and the enchantment comes to the lucky person standing there in its glow.


One Response to “Enchanted Color”

  1. Leslie Clark Says:

    oooh… so very beautiful!


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