Falling in Love

Have you ever seen a set of colors you can’t live without? Maybe it was a scarf that caught your eye one day, or a store front display that made you turn on your heel and go back for another look.
I found a wonderful set of colors I think might occupy my life for a good little while. I am in love. Just like a person, a palette has several parts to its personality: there’s a dark side and a lighter, more frivolous side. My new “friend”  has the potential for many “mini” palettes within the composite. I see several sets of three I could draw out and use on their own, which may spawn a whole new set of dreamy hues I hadn’t imagined.
It is great when you meet someone with an infectious personality, one that sets your own creative wheels turning. You want to spend time with them and see what develops. That’s what can happen with a color palette. Love at first sight.

One Response to “Falling in Love”

  1. Luanne Says:

    Beautiful Karen! Can’t wait to see paintings from this!


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