Palette Process

I am a painter who also loves designing quilts and working with fabric. Here is one of my favorite color palettes in both paint and fabric. It’s highly versatile and easy to work with because all of the hues are toned, but still look fresh. The greens are softly toned and the blues have become the accent color in both images. The golds, plums and browns are dominant, grounding the sweet pastel tints. Texture is key in both of these pieces, lending movement and expressiveness to the landscape and the pictorial quilt. I especially like the white highlights in the painting and the animated Kaffe print behind the bird in the fabric construction.

Now that I have chosen a basic palette, I can explore the ways color will look in an actual quilt. Here I chose a block pattern and dropped some color into it, in two variations. At this point the fun begins with the art of substituting real fabrics into the color block plans.  I never feel completely obligated to slavishly stick to my original palette if a fabric comes along that improves upon the original hue. Adaptation is a wonderful part of the creative process for quilters and painters.


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