Love and Creation

“Heart Garden” is the small acrylic painting I’ll be using as the inspiration for an art quilt. (It will become one of two proposed covers for my Personal Palettes book.) I’ve chosen to create the quilt with this color study and the small line drawing seen below. The drawing simplifies the many shapes in the painting before adding fabric. My last art quilt was 90 percent piece work, but this one will be mainly appliqué because of all the irregular shapes.

The Heart Garden theme is one I’ve explored for a few years. It came out of a series I did called the Heart Art Project, for which I created a painting or drawing every day using hearts. Our family was going through some rough challenges, and it was helpful to me to involve myself in an art project that centered on symbols of love and good will. Once I began working with the heart motif I discovered that the shape has some origins in nature. Branches, vines and plant growth often form into heart shapes. I like the idea of taking a common motif and developing something a little more complex or intriguing than the norm. With Valentine’s Day around the corner it is a good time to get this art quilt in the works! Break out the fabric stash and let’s get rollin’!

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