My Own Colors of Winter

In Colorado, seasonal palettes are clearly dictated by nature when it
comes to fall, spring and summer. Winter, however, is more open to
interpretation. Gone are the tender young greens of spring, the bold
colors of summer and the warm oranges of fall. We do have sunny days
and blue skies over much of winter, but does the abundance of white
snow, then the increasingly muddy stuff make for an interesting
palette? Painters of outdoor scenes find some beautiful and subtle
inspiration for the winter palette, and painting the blue snow shadows
is a nice choice to have over the brown ones. I’m reminded of Monet’s winter scene with the magpie. (Magpie, Snow Effect, Outskirts of Honfleur.) The more we look, the more colors we see, however subtle.
Here are two winter palettes from my Personal Palettes book. Once I
begin a palette from nature, I “push” the colors and add a few new
ones, assembling a combination I think has more interest and harmony.

Left quilt pattern sketch: Winter Day. Right quilt pattern sketch: Winter Night.


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One Response to “My Own Colors of Winter”

  1. les Says:

    Nice palettes! It’s funny because I am working on a winter scene myself! Love the quilt squares too.


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