Taking Liberties with Color

Town Quilt

Unless the quilter is aiming for an art quilt using photo realist techniques, a pictorial quilt can stretch the limits of what is known as “local color,” i.e. the grass is green, the sky is blue…and so on. We are already using patterned fabric to indicate buildings, walkways and trees, so why not pull out all the stops and choose colors that simply look great together. Once your palette is looking good, it won’t matter so much if the shrub is green or fuchsia! Quilt making and freedom of expression go hand in hand.

Trees are pure fun to create. I used the same fabric in the trunks to help build a cohesive composition, and one fabric is repeated in both tree tops as well. After that, I chose prints based on color, value and the fun way they imitated leafy areas.


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